Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Washington Pizza mural at 14th and Randolph is awesome


I don't know how I missed this before: the mural on Washington Pizza, at 1353 Randolph Street NW, is awesome. It's huge, for one, taking up the entire side of a long building. It shows a family eating (presumably Washington Pizza) then what looks like a couple of giant, colorized photos of some local rowhouses, then an angular person eating something, topped off by a scrawled and crazy-looking no parking warning.

It's almost like three separate murals, and I think in a way, it is -- the person eating looks to me like it was by Decoy (aka Alicia Cosnahan), a local artist who does a lot of graffiti and murals (just compare the hands.) She also did the funny "Let's Meet at the Corner" mural at 13th and Park. The other parts seem to be different styles.

I've actually never ordered from them, but I feel like if they have this cool of a mural, they are probably pretty decent. Yelpers give them 3.5 stars, and the reviewers say they have good mussels, which is interesting for a delivery pizza place. Has anyone tried them? I'll have to give them a shot.

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