Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Italian Kitchen on U: new favorite Italian delivery place. What';s yours?

I order a lot of delivery (probably too much) and I've been looking for a go-to spot for awhile. I think I found one: Italian Kitchen on U.

I discovered it a bit ago when I was looking for something quick for dinner and got a calzone, which was surprisingly tasty: good, fresh-tasting ingredients and not too expensive. It's at 1110 U Street NW, next to Solly's. 

Their pizza is also good, both jumbo slice and delivery, though my go-to are the paninis: good bread, fresh, delicious toppings, and not too greasy or cheesy. The portobello mushroom one is good even if you're an omnivore like me -- it comes with a big piece of portobello, sun-dried tomato pesto, spinach, caramelized onions, mozzarella and balsamic aioli, and I also like the chicken paradiso (basically the same, but with chicken.

 The bread sticks are nicely done, with the right amount of chewiness and not overly greasy like some delivery ones, and seasoned fries are also pretty good (I've had better from some spots, but they're above average and certainly tastier than Manny and Olga's or most other spots.)

 So that's my new go-to delivery place, at least for pizza and sandwiches. What's yours?


  1. La Villa on 14th between Buchannan and Crittenden!

  2. Agreed! Also good. Sorry about the weird font, don't know what's going on.

  3. I use Duccini's for pizza, and Pizza D'oro for subs. I'm not really happy with any of the delivery options I've tried, though, so I'm always looking for new options

  4. Wisey's for sandwiches & salads (so, so good) and Duccini's for pizza. Love Chix DC for great rotisserie chicken, too!

  5. Re: Italian Kitchen... their wings (garlic) and bruschetta are quite tasty!

  6. I second Wisey's and Greek Spot. Those are two of the best options for delivery I've come across for their respective cuisines. I buy frozen pizza.

  7. I had a burger craving a while back but was too lazy to actually go anywhere and solo, on the fly. So I used GrubHub and ordered from Desperado's on U St. Service was super fast and the food was better than expected for delivery (no soggy bun!). The fries were AWESOME (though possibly too many for one) and there are a number of specialty "condiments" to choose from. Highly recommend.

  8. Their pizza is awesome!


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