Thursday, May 9, 2013

Got kids? Learn more about Tubman Elementary School this Thursday

If you have kids, here's a great chance to learn more about our local elementary school, Tubman at 13th and Kenyon. They're hosting an open house this Thursday, here's more details:

Th. May 9, 9:30am
Tubman Elem. School
3101 13th St NW

to learn more about the Columbia Heights' DCPS elementary school with:
1) the best test scores in Ward 1
2) GreatSchools' 9 out of 10 rating - the best rating of Ward 1 elementary schools
3) the principal who was won both the Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective Leadership and Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award

This DCPS rising star is an educational gem of Columbia Heights and Ward 1. Under the strong leadership of Principal Hughes, reading and math scores have consistently and solidly risen over the last several years.  Come see the school in action and learn more about the promising things going on there.  With the continued investment from community families and stakeholders, Tubman is well on its way to becoming the premier DC elementary school east of Rock Creek Park.  Join us in the effort.
Please contact Principal Harry Hughes <> (he's very responsive), Vice Principal Maggie Slye <>, PTA President Matt Aquiline <> or ANC commissioner Laina Aquiline with any questions.

Hope to see you at Tubman!


  1. Maggie Slye knows a lot about reading. I think this is a new post for her

  2. Maggie Slye knows a lot about reading. This is a knew post for her.


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