Monday, May 20, 2013

Fantastic City Paper article photo essay about ever-changing Georgia Avenue

Last week, the City Paper put out a great photo essay about changing Georgia Avenue entitled, fittingly,
"Eclectic Avenue; Georgia Avenue is changing. But it’s always been."

The article is by Aaron Weiner and has some great photos by the CP's staff photog Darrow Montgomery. It's not long, but is well-written and interesting: talking about the history of the street and change over time. For example, Georgia Avenue used to be a main drag in SE and SW DC until a Georgia Senator demanded it be renamed due to poor conditions along it. Georgia Avenue became Potomac Avenue and Brightwood Avenue was renamed as Georgia.

It's hard to pick just one good part of the article, as they're all good, but I like this ending stanza:
The history and the future of the District are written on its longest commercial corridor, and they’re not necessarily in opposition. May they long live side by side. May the swanky new restaurants and condos always look out of place alongside the funky age-old institutions. May the old-timers and the newcomers mingle awkwardly but peaceably. And the more you change, Georgia, may you always stay the same.
Here's the link again

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