Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't Block the Box comedy night celebrates 3 years tonight at Wonderland

Don't Block the Box, the long running stand-upp comedy night that's taken place in our neighborhood at Wonderland and Looking Glass, is celebrating their third anniversary tonight at Wonderland. If you like jokes, read on. Here's their Facebook page
5-31-13 is the 3 year anniversary of one of the best stand up comedy show DC has to offer! Hope to see ya'll tomorrow and info is down below!

Come and celebrate three years of the best local comedy DC has to offer at the Wonderland Ballroom! You'll drink, you'll laugh, you'll dance, and you'll have a fucking great time. 
Lafayette Wright (SEVEN TIME Don't Block the Box performer, perennial favorite) 
Pete Bladel (Down from NYC)
Graham Hall (Don't Block the Box originator)
Ahmed Huidobro (Co-Producer)
Jheisson Nunez (Folks!) 
Reggie Melbrough (You know Reggie)

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