Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cardozo High School renovations coming along, looking nice

Cardozo High School, located at 13th and Clifton, is getting a bit of a facelift -- they're renovating the building's interior and the facade, which includes some nice artwork and tiles, updating the physical plant (which I'm guessing is heating and cooling, plumbing and such) plus adding a new regulation size gym on the 13th Street side. The school, which was built in 1928, has two small and inadequate gyms for boys and girls, now they'll have a bigger, coed one. There's also an option to add a swimming pool ("natatorium") on the 11th Street side.

The idea is that the new addition will fit into the existing architecture and will be built into the hillside so views are preserved from the top of the hill. There will be a parking lot on top of it.

And so far, it looks pretty nice. My buddy snapped this picture the other day, and mentioned that the view isn't as open as before -- it's a prime fireworks watching spot, but I'm sure the parking lot will still be one. The architectural style is virtually identical as the rest of the building, which is cool.

You can see below for more details on the plan. I'm not sure when the school is supposed to reopen, but I heard 18 months from when it began   and students are currently going to class in what was Meyer Elementary School on 11th nearby, which is renamed Cardozo High School at Meyer.


  1. What will happen to Myer elementary school after the high school opens? Will it become an elementary achool again? Or be closed and demolished? Rennovated?

  2. If they build the natatorium all the green will be gone.

    Does the city have money to maintain a pool? Or are they going to let it slowly fall into disrepair like they've done in the past?


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