Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A bunch of new shot & beer combo deals at the Red Derby

It seems like all our local bars are getting into the shot-and-beer combo game -- Wonderland, Looking Glass and the Derby have all had cheap ones for awhile -- usually something like Natty Boh or PBR and a shot of some kind of rail whiskey for about $6. 

Now the Red Derby at 3718 14th Street NW is stepping it up, with a new menu full of the deals, from cheap ($6) to fancier ($12.) I spent some time there this weekend with some buddies and got a few of the Dealer's Choice, where the bartender picks something. In our case, she picked out some good ones, like solid whiskeys and good beer together. 

Pretty fun idea, but keep in mind that they add up, and are certainly more expensive (obviously) than the Derby's usual inexpensive beers.

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