Friday, April 26, 2013

Tired of having a dirty block? Sign up to Adopt a Block!

Untitled If you're tired of all the trash, dog poop, food wrappers, drink bottles and cans, random clothes and everything else littering the streets and sidewalks in your area, here's a good solution to get involved and work with your neighbors and friends: Adopt a Block!

It would be a great option for you and your neighbors, company, church, sports team, or any other group you can think of. A local business would also be an awesome candidate to adopt the block where they are. Check it out!


I would like to extend the invitation to you to adopt some neighborhood blocks around your area.

Clean City's Adopt-A-Block Program helps beautify our neighborhoods and allows citizens like you to take an active role in cleaning and greening the District. As a part of the Clean City Initiative, Adopt-A-Blockoffers a hands-on project for people and organizations. The program allows participants to make a noticeable contribution to their communities.

To be a part of the clean&greenDC: Adopt-A-Block Program, a group:

•             Adopts a minimum of 2 square blocks of a residential or commercial area.
•             Agrees to conduct a quarterly, clean-up day and weekly litter pickup in the adopted area.
•             Maintains this agreement for 2 years.

Adopting a block in the District of Columbia has many benefits including:

1. Improved quality of life in your neighborhood. The appearance of our community contributes to the quality of life we all share.
2. Signs with your group's name letting people know you are committed to making a difference.
3. Pleasant reminders of the importance of litter control and prevention.
4. Litter-free, more attractive communities that help discourage unwanted and illegal activity.
5. An area watched and cared for by concerned citizens like you.

To sign up for the Adopt-A-Block Program, you can submit an online form here,

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  1. U street neighborhood residentApril 26, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    Why adopt the block? After more than a decade it feels like my natural born child. But tht doesn't give me power to do what I want to do, which is get the dog owners to stop their pets' peeing and pooping on anything and everything.


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