Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Booze: Lime-a-Rita with a straw

Time for the latest in Street Booze, the occasional series on booze bottles I spot tossed around the neighborhood. This time around it's a can Lime-a-Rita with a straw.

You know, Spring is upon us, and sometimes you just want to drink something refreshing on the street. And sometimes maybe you're walking, or just not into drinking in a normal fashion, so you go for a straw.

So what's Lime-a-Rita? Bud makes it, and Paste says "It tastes like a margarita in the sense that Margarita Jelly Belly jelly beans taste like a margarita. Lime-flavored-Kool-Aid on the nose with a jolt of sweetly sour lime candy mixed up front and a hint of low-rent energy-drink flavor on the finish."

It's 8% alcohol, so pretty high for a can, though.

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