Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Questlove of the Roots spotted in the neighborhood, photographing skateboarding dogs!

This is pretty funny: I follow Questlove, the drummer for hip-hop band The Roots, on Instagram, and the other day he posted this photo of a skateboarding dog he spotted at  about 14th and W. I'm not sure why he was in town, but it's pretty cool to see -- both him in the neighborhood, and a skateboarding dog! Has anybody else spotted this totally extreme dog around?

A number of famous types have visited our neighborhood in the past, including fellow hip-hopper Lady Sovereign, a British rapper who I saw a couple of years ago. For the whole list (including the Obamas, Jessica Alba and a lot more,) check out our previous famous people posts!

1 comment:

JW said...

That's Winston! He refuses to walk; only skateboards. He LOVES the attention