Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blue Banana sports bar is now closed, to reopen as something else

The great Park View DC reports some unfortunate news: Blue Banana, the sports bar at 3632 Georgia Avenue NW, closed as on April 10. The plan is that they'll reopen at some point with a new management team and a new concept.

I always liked the place, it was a no-frills sports bar, which is nice to have. I watched a few football and NCAA tournament games there, though the crowd was never very big. They had bands and DJs on weekends too, but I never went to those.

Food wise, they only had snacks like chicken wings, tots and cheese sticks, so that was probably part of the reason they've closed -- food makes money.

Let's hope something cool comes to the spot, and I hope the owners didn't lose money on the spot.

Have you been there? What did you think?

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