Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where can you watch the NCAA tournament in the neighborhood?

It's college basketball time! My favorite sports time of year is the NCAA tournament, aka March Madness, and one of my favorite things is going to some place that has a lot of TVs and checking out all the simultaneous games, which start on Thursday (I don't really count the play-in games  as the start of the tourney.)

This year there are a few local (and local-ish teams) like Georgetown, James Madison, VCU, Liberty (though they already lost) and a lot of schools with big local fanbases, even if they aren't nearby (I'm thinking Michigan, Mich. State, Wisconsin, Duke and such.)

And we're also lucky in that there are a few good options in the area, plus some others not too far away. Here are my choices for good bars to see the games -- let's hear yours in the comments.

Lou's City Bar in the Highland Park building (1400 Irving St NW) comes to mind first, being a true sports bar. They have a ton of TVs, have deals during tournament games, and also have a couple of tables with built-in beer taps.

Speaking of beer taps, Meridian Pint at 11th and Park also has a lot of TVs, especially downstairs. They have good food, too.

Blue Banana at 3623 Georgia Ave NW is another true sports bar, with lots of TVs and bar grub (tots, chicken wings, etc.)

Zeba Bar at 3423 14th Street NW has TVs, good happy hour deals, and a chill atmosphere.

The Looking Glass Lounge at 3634 Georgia Ave NW only has 1 TV, but a fun, relaxed atmosphere if you don't want a ton of sports craziness. DC Reynolds next door may be a bit louder, but they have more TVs and the fantastic buy one-get one free happy hour too.

Tonic in Mt. Pleasant has TVs as well and is fairly big, while Red Rocks and The Heights have a couple of TVs.

Outside the area, I'd suggest the Ventnor Sports Bar and Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan and RFD in Chinatown, which is huge (and loud) with a lot of TVs. Another off the radar pick is the Old Dominion Brewhouse adjoining the Convention Center, they have a lot of TVs and good beer, plus beer towers! Can't beat that.

So there are a lot of my options, what are yours? And personally, I've got Miami, Kansas, Louisville and Wisconsin in the Final Four.


  1. No love for DC Reynolds? They have two more TVs than Looking Glass.

  2. Shoot, I knew I forgot something. Thanks.

  3. The Pinch has at least one tv, maybe two?

  4. Good call, I've watched some football games at the Pinch and it's been fun.

  5. Please no one go to Black Squirrel....(i would like to be able to get seat/table :)


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