Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Latin American bakery open at 14th and Newton:

There's a new Latin bakery in the neighborhood: Mi Casita Bakery, which replaces the Carolina Market at 14th and Newton. If you recall, Carolina was an extremely weird and shady corner store, with nearly empty shelves and a generally strange vibe.

The place got the worst score ever in my Beer Run series, where I rate local corner stores, a 0/15 -- technically an incomplete since they barely had anything.

speculated in 2009 that it was a front for something (and interestingly, check out the comments on that post where somebody mentions that DC Fish Carryout was bizarre and doesn't actually serve any food: turns out, they were onto something.)

But thankfully, Carolina Market is gone, replaced by a welcoming and quite tasty Latin American bakery. I stopped in the other night and the change was amazing, there were nice floors, attractive wood shelves and lots of baked goods in stock. I picked up a big, sugar covered donut and a pastry stuffed with vanilla custard. The total was about $2 and both were delicious. The lady said they also serve tortas, or Mexican sandwiches, and hope to start selling tacos in a couple of weeks.

I'll definitely stop by again. What a great turnaround for this corner.


  1. i think they also sell least that's what their sandwhich board says. would be curious if anyone has tried them yet.

  2. Has anyone tried the Latin American bakery with the cartoon baker and colorful cake illustrations in the window? It's on the east side of 14th, a few blocks north of the metro. I went in a few months ago...but the piles of baked goods looked like they had been there awhile, they didn't sell hot tea, and they had a single, old school pot of coffee. I wondered what they were really selling...

  3. Ann, I went there a few times a while ago, but it's been some time. Here's my 2009 review


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