Monday, March 4, 2013

Graham reprimanded, loses alcohol committee chair

The Jim Graham ethics saga continues. The Post recently wrote an op-ed on the situation, as Councilman Graham was officially reprimanded by the Council for violating ethics rules involving a quid pro quo on real estate development deals. Here's my previous post on the matter with more details.

The reprimand by the Council is short of a censure, which was given to Marion Barry in 2008, but does have some repercussions, namely that it's on his record permanently. The Council also stripped Graham of his chairmanship of the alcohol and liquor license committee, a powerful position.

Previously, Graham had filed an injunction against the ethics board, but that challenge was denied. He says he now considers the issue closed, while the Post's Colbert I. King disagrees, saying the city needs to beef up its investigative capacity.

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