Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Target's pharmacy getting a lot of bad reviews; what's your experience?

The ShermanAve_DC Twitter clued me into something interesting the other day: the pharmacy in the DCUSA Target is getting some really poor reviews on Yelp.

Currently it has an average of 2 stars from 11 reviews, with most being 1 star. People complain about prescriptions not being available when they said they would be, long lines, unhelpful staff, wasting trips by coming to get something that isn't available, not being allowed to speak to the manager, and the like. It's really a litany of bad experiences. Of course, this is the just customers' points of view, but there does seem to be a pattern.

Personally I've never used this one, I mostly use a CVS near my work or the one at 14th and Irving, which has long lines but seems decent. What do you think? Any good pharmacies to recommend, or ones to avoid? There's also the Cardozo Healthmart at 14th and Fairmont, but oddly they don't seem to have a website or a Yelp page, nor are they listed on the Healthmart website. Strange.

Something else I'd suggest is looking up your pharmacist and seeing their licensing status and if they've received any complaints or charges against their license -- click here and go to Online Professional License Search -- although that's more on the medical side than on the customer service side.


  1. I think this is mostly a case of selection bias - 11 reviews is just not very many given the large customer volume at that Target's pharmacy, and unlike a restaurant, where people who like it feel enthusiastic about it, people who have adequate service from a pharmacy rarely feel compelled to write about them in that way, especially from a large corporate chain pharmacy. I'm sure most people get adequate service there, just as my wife and I did when we lived in Lanier Heights for years and used that pharmacy.

    I will say, now that we live in Del Ray, Alexandria, people really do love the local pharmacy there, the Neighborhood Pharmacy, but I think that's really a case of the exception proving the rule.

  2. My experience hasn't been bad. Yes there are long line, but not as bad as CVS on 14th/Irving. My prescriptions have been available on time and the staff has been helpful.

  3. I had a good experience with Cardozo Healthmart - my wife hurt her back and had a prescription for some hefty painkillers and neither Target nor CVS could help (It's wonderful how we're so worried someone might abuse drugs that we won't help someone with legit pain and a legit Rx, but I can't really blame Target for that). Cardozo was very pleasant on the phone and were very quick.

    I haven't tried Target yet. The CVS at 14th and Irving is okay, I guess.

  4. I have been using Target pharmacy for a couple of years now and, honestly, I've never had a problem. Sometimes it is very busy after their lunch shift and people are waiting in line but the employees all seem very friendly and helpful. I've called with questions before too and they've always been quite happy to help!

  5. I have mostly neutral-bordering-on-bad, and occasionally *really* bad experiences with the Target pharmacy. Mostly it's the staff being clueless, filling prescriptions incorrectly (at least twice in the last year - and I only get like 1/month!), and sometimes being rude.

    If my insurance wasn't so evil and the CVS wasn't so much worse, I'd switch.

  6. my BF and i've been using them for years, especially him. he's had some complicated heath problems and been on numerous meds at once. we've found the target to be the best pharmacy near us, period. the techs and pharmacists know him and have always been super friendly, have helped him resolve insurance issues and questions and have gotten refills ready right away when they've been called in. i rave about them all the time. the only issue we've ever had is that sometimes they may not have a med that day and have to order it. but when they know he's on something and will be for a while, they've made a point to start ordering it ahead for his refills.

  7. My wife and I have had nearly only good experiences here. I have rarely ever had to wait long, and for scripts that our doctor has phoned in I've never waited. One caveat is that they can't do compounding or anything too complex in-house, so those take longer. But for antibiotics and other simple things they are pretty good in my experience. They are WAY better than the filthy CVS across the street. Anyway, it's not like Target is ever going to be your neighborhood pharmacist who knows you by name, so don't expect too much and you'll be happy.

  8. Our local pharmacy is a joke. Often they don't have what you need. Several days later you call them and leave a message for an update, but they never return calls. I guess not mature enough. I will be droping them when my latest prescription is finally filled.


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