Monday, February 4, 2013

If you notice something suspicious or aren't sure, call the police!

The other day I was reading the Petworth listserve and noticed someone complaining about a peeping tom/intruder/lurker type -- somebody seemed to be coming in their gate, sitting on their porch and hanging out while they were away. The person asked what should they do and said they emailed the MPD listserve but didn't get a response, and pretty much everybody said "Call 911!"

It's good advice. Even if someting isn't an emergency, or you aren't sure if you should call, you should call. 911 serves to let police know something is happening, even if they can't or won't be able to stop that particular incident. Another good example is drug dealers or people using drugs in alleys -- often the police won't go arrest them, or they'll be gone by the time police would show up, but as reports build up, they'll start to see patterns and can address those patterns. I've heard many times at meetings with the community and MPD that officers say they started to patrol certain places more frequently based on repeated calls, even though it didn't seem like they were responding immediately.

So please, if you notice something criminal or suspicious, call it in, even if you don't think the police can help.

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