Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help improve DC's transportation -- Move DC meeting tonight at the Reeves Center

You may have noticed recently that I've been complaining about traffic on 14th Street a lot -- it's frequently backed up in the mornings from Columbia Road sometimes as far up as Spring. Obviously that makes it difficult to get to work in a timely manner if you ride the bus, and it's frustrating.

After some tweeting about it, WMATA's Twitter person suggested the Move DC initiative that we wrote about a few weeks ago. Basically, Move DC's is a program by DDOT to get the public to submit ideas for improving transportation in the city -- traffic, bus, Metro, bike, pedestrians and more.

And tonight is one opportunity to have your voice heard -- there's a Move DC meeting on the second floor of the Reeves Center, 14th and U, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. There's a public comment period, so I hope people make a stink about traffic on 14th Street!

There's a lot more ways to participate on their page, and you can also tweet at them, @movedc, check out their Facebook page, or submit photos to their Flickr account.

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