Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bike thefts on Fairmont Street, beware!

The other day I saw this posted to the Columbia Heights Yahoo group:
At 6:45 AM today, our condo building had 2 bikes stolen. Our security camera did capture an image of a big dude but there isn't a clear face shot (due to a hoodie). The police detective mentioned additional bike thefts between 11th and 13th street NW and I am asking if there are other reports on the crook.
Sounds like if you live around that area to be extra careful with your bike -- make sure to get a good lock or two -- some can be cut fairly easily. Also make sure to get your bike registered by the city, just in case it does get stolen, you may be able to recover it later if somebody buys it or it comes up for sale at a pawn shop. There are bike trackers, like LoJack for bikes, but they're not cheap.

The city also has a recovered bike webpage, if your bike was stolen you can check it out.


  1. Make sure to write down the make, model and serial number of your bike if you ever wish to recover it.

    - Concerned Columbia Heights Cyclist

  2. Thanks for sharing my post with others. The DC Police website is very helpful too.

    Joel Harder


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