Monday, January 14, 2013

Where can you drop off unwanted clothes?

This weekend I went through my clothes and took out all the stuff that didn't fit or I didn't want or need anymore, and decided to give them away. I asked folks on Twitter and got a couple suggestions for places to try, and I thought of a few too. Here are my ideas, feel free to leave yours in the comments.

For one, there's a Planet Aid donation box on 18th Street in Adams Morgan between Florida and California, although some have questioned how legitimate Planet Aid is. You can also donate clothes (and other stuff) at the Georgia Avenue Thrift Store at 6101 Georgia Ave NW, and they give you a form for the tax deduction (the money they make goes to a charity, but I forget which one.) The Clear Space DC blog also suggested Martha's Outfitters, a community thrift store that also gives away clothes to needy families. They're in the neighborhood at 2114 14th Street NW and do take clothes, but you have to fold them and put them in boxes or sturdy shopping bags. You can see more about them here.

There also used to be a donation bin at 13th and Otis next to the 13th Street Market, but the nice lady who works there said they never picked up the box so it was always overflowing and a mess.

Anybody know any other good options?

UPDATE: Commenters noted that there are Planet Aid boxes on Kansas avenue near the Yes! Market in Petworth (in the auto mechanic parking lot,) and in the parking garage of 1400 Irving, but they'll let anybody use it. There's also a green drop box next to the Park Market at 13th and Park. Keep them coming! 


  1. There's another Planet Aid box on Kansas near the Yes Market in Petworth, in the parking lot of the auto mechanic.

  2. There is a green drop box that has been station for over a month next to Park Market at 13 and Park, NW.

  3. And there's a PlanetAid box in the parking garage of those apartments at 1400 Irving. The front desk folks will let you in to take your stuff down (just bring an ID).

  4. most local churches will except donations. just call before heading over to confirm.

  5. Martha's Table! Great org, check 'em out:

  6. Churches, good point. Most recent anon, agreed, it's mentioned in the post.

  7. If you have children's clothing, The Northwest Center in Adam's Morgan is a great organization. Donations get to the community very quickly.

    The Northwest Center
    2702 Ontario Rd
    Washington, DC 20009

  8. There's a Planet Aid box outside Fast Gourmet at 14th and W.

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  10. The big Good Will on South Dakota Ave accepts donations of all sorts. Books, clothes, dishes, electronics, you name it.


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