Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Petco coming to DCUSA in the old Ellwood Thompson's space

It looks like something is finally going to fill the huge empty space in DCUSA on Irving Street, the big first floor space that was supposed to be for Ellwood Thompson's (aka the Grocery Store That Shall Not Be Named.)

If you recall, ET's, a Richmond-based organic supermarket, waffled for literally years about coming, always saying they were almost there, but then in January 2011 suddenly decided not to open and moved to Rockville. Here's the whole sad, annoying saga. The space has sat vacant since then.

But not anymore! Readers report seeing permits and other signs posted in the window for Petco, the big pet retailer. Should be helpful for those folks in the area with animals, though I hope it doesn't affect Mr. Larry's Pet Supply Store (aka Claws and Paws) at 11th and Lamont. Even if you go to Petco, check out Mr. Larry's too, he seems like a nice man.

By my calculation, this means that DCUSA is almost completely full.  Petco is going into spot 125 and/or 125. (Note: these floor plans are out of date, so some places listed may have been replaced by other stuff.)


  1. Great, but it is the McDonald's of Pet Stores, you get what you pay for. I'm glad something is going in there so it isn't a vacant store but we are still going to take our business to Paws & Claws on 11th. GREAT selection of all natural treats for pets.

  2. Claws & Paws/Mr. Larry's is hands-down the best pet store I've ever used. Marcus and his team give wonderfully personal attention and care and our dog absolutely LOVES going there. Marcus can order anything a pet owner is looking for, which is a huge help, and his prices are pretty terrific. If I sound like I'm gushing - I am: they are that good. Skip the big chains and keep on supporting a fantastic local business! - Kelly


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