Thursday, January 3, 2013

NextBus phone app is no more, but their website still works

Not in Service If you're a bus rider with a smartphone like me, you rely on the NextBus app to tell you when the next buses are coming to your stop. The app hadn't been working for awhile, with each stop saying "connection problem," but I figured it was my phone. Turns out the app is no more due to a dispute between the app developer and the company that releases the bus data, neither of which are affiliated with WMATA. The app is no longer available for download.

However, DCist reports that the NextBus website,, works just as well. At least on my iPhone, when I go there it automatically loads the stops nearest to my location, which is actually faster than the app was. If you want to track a few common stops, like maybe your home and work, you'll have to bookmark those places separately, but still, it does work well. The NextBus data isn't always perfect, but it's pretty good and certainly a big help when you're deciding when to go outside and brave the cold or deciding if another mode of transportation would be better.

Metro also uses the NextBus system on their own site based on the bus stop ID number (each stop has its own number), but NextBus's mobile site seems to be faster and easier.

Hope this helps fellow bus commuters.


  1. Yeah but iNextBus still works and it's free (ad supported) Available on iOS and Android.

  2. DC NextBus is actually better than NextBus or iNextBus, and it's free, with smaller ads than iNextBus. It doesn't have the circulator but otherwise I've been super impressed with it.

  3. I second the DC Next Bus. It can be found here:

    It's not as nice as the NextBus DC app (the one that no longer works) because you can't save favorite lines and, no, the circulator is not on it, but it's using the same data as the website. I find it a bit easier to use than the mobile version of the website, too.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, all!

  5. What about those of us who purchased the full version of NextBus DC? Granted, it was only $1, but we should be reimbursed.


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