Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First look at Kokeb Ethiopian Restaurant on Georgia

The other day I stopped by Kokeb Ethiopian Restaurant at 3013 Georgia Ave NW with some friends. The small spot just south of Irving opened about 6 months ago and I had been meaning to try it, especially since Tegeste on 14th closed -- and I'm glad I did.

It's a restaurant but also serves as a coffee shop on the weekends with Ethiopian coffee. Inside, decor is fairly spartan -- including a tourist poster for the Rift Valley featuring a topless woman, which was kind of funny to see. There's only a few tables, and when we went in, some incense was burning on one of the tables. The staff was friendly as well -- they actually knew my buddy by name as he goes in a lot.

We were with a vegetarian so we didn't try a lot, but got two vegetarian platters for $9.95 each. It was plenty of food for 4 of us, and tasty; the lentils were spicy and all the ingredients were fresh. One of our party, who has had a lot of Ethiopian food, said it tasted less Americanized than some of the places in town. We also ordered some honey wine (tej) as they were out of Ethiopian beer, and it was clearly homemade stuff. It smelled a little funky but tasted good, though it was a lot of wine (and $30 for the bottle, but considering the amount was worth it, all of us had multiple glasses.) Prices for everything were quite reasonable too, the most expensive thing on the menu is $10.95. Here's the full menu.

In all, I would definitely go back. Other folks seemed to enjoy it too, it currently has 4.5 stars on Yelp.

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