Monday, December 10, 2012

You can now buy liquor on Sundays, growlers, and more

The city council struck a blow against the forces of temperance today, voting to overhaul city liquor laws. DCist has the story -- one of the main changes was that liquor stores are now allowed to be open and selling wine, beer and booze on Sundays.

Other big changes are that grocery stores and brew pubs can now sell 64-ounce growlers (resealable bottles) of beer, there's a special new kind of license for wine pubs, meaning a place that makes and sells wine, and there are also a number of changes about protests against liquor license applications. That is, when a new place is opening up, groups can protest the application.

These may affect local bars, liquor stores and restaurants, with new rules like allowing groups of 5 people or more within 400 feet of the business to file a protest, and making sure neighborhood groups and ANCs invite liquor license applicants so they have a chance to plead their case. A new noise complaint hotline has been started, too. There's also some requirements for protests to come to a vote quickly and for an investigation to happen before summary judgments, which is probably good for businesses.

The bill took into account a lot of hearings and comments from residents, businesses, liquor distributors, ANCs, and more, and it seems like a pretty reasonable, fair bill. Jim Graham took some of the credit, too.

But the main thing is, liquor on Sunday! Woo!


  1. Ya woo hoo, super excited about getting harassed by loitering drunks on Sunday now, while I walk through the neighborhood. The one day there wasn't trash and 10 people blocking the sidewalk outside the liquor stores.

    I love to have a drink but simply keep an extra bottle on hand if I choose to drink on Sunday.

    Big disappointment in my opinion

  2. I disagree -- and if there are loitering drunks you should call the police, or at least complain to your ANC commissioner.

  3. Sounds like D'vines still can't sell growlers though. That's a shame.

  4. There is no DC loitering law which makes it near impossible to do anything. When you call the cops the folks just move and come back 20 mins later


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