Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red Derby brunch: hearty, inexpensive, $2 Bloody Marys!

I hadn't been to brunch at the Red Derby in awhile, and had a chance to check it out on Sunday. It's worth a visit.

The best deal is that if you order food, Bloody Marys (and good ones) are only $2. Considering the menu items range from $6 to $11, if you have a few, you're basically getting free brunch. But aside from that deal, they also have bottomless coffee.

So how's the food? Not fancy, but good. (Here's the menu.) We started off with some hearty rolls, then I asked the friendly bartender, whose name I think was Tom, what he preferred between the breakfast burrito and breakfast bowl. He said the bowl, and I went with that. It was solid: tater tots, scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and I added sausage (bacon is also an option.) For I think $9 it was a lot of food and totally worth it.

My buddy got the salmon bagel: again, nothing fancy, but tasty and with good ingredients.

Despite it being pretty chilly, the roof deck is a viable option because of the heat lamp, and you have to like a place where $28 gets you coffees, Bloody Marys and brunch for two people.

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