Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marching band scammers in Petworth, watch out!

Recently on the Petworth listserve, some neighbors were talking about a guy coming to their door, asking for money for a purported Dunbar High band trip to Rockefeller Center. However, it's a scam. See below for more:
FYI, be aware that someone has been knocking on doors (most recently on Yuma Street) posing as a Dunbar Senior High School student seeking contributions for a group trip to New York.  
A short email to Dunbar confirmed he's not legit -- Edward B. Anderson, director of bands at Dunbar SHS, reports: "No we are not fundraising for a competition at the Rockefeller Center in New York. This person has been going around all year doing this; we are waiting for him to get caught. If you can take a picture of him we may be able to catch him. The band just got back this weekend from Norfolk State Univ. Homecoming where we placed second in their parade. We are going to go to Orlando FL for a competition in the end of March, if you want to give a donation. But please be aware that all donations should come to the school in the form of a check."  
 Note that the young man doing the fundraising wears a Dunbar jacket and shows a Dunbar ID. It's unclear if he actually has any connection to the school.
Other neighbors report that he's a black man form 24 to 28, about 5'10" to 6', with short hair and a scar on his cheek. If you see him, don't give him and money and you should probably notify the police.


  1. This has been going on in DC for a while now-- a quick google search on "dunbar marching band scam" turns up many hits, e.g.:

  2. Yeah, he came to our door near Kenyon and Sherman a few weeks ago. The fact that he was way too old to be in high school was my tip off that it was likely a scam, and I didn't give him any money.

  3. He came to my door on Park road last week. I was also very skepitcal as he looks way too old to be in high school.

  4. Ah great. I gave this guy some money after he successfully answered a bunch of my questions without hesitation (what instrument he plays, where he lives, his plans to seek a band scholarship for college). I hate to see this; I thought I was helping someone legit. Won't be answering my door for anyone I don't know anymore...

  5. Must be making the rounds again b/c we had the same guy (or someone similar) with the same story at our house tonight at 13th/T tonight.

  6. This guy (or someone similar) must be back in action b/c we had the same story at our door tonight at 13th / T.


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