Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bands in the Neighborhood: Kid Goat

This latest installment of Bands in the Neighborhood, our series on local musical acts, is on Kid Goat, a local rock band. Here's their website and Facebook page.

Kid Goat is actually two bands, but more about that below! Band member Matt Aquiline answered our questions, and also mentioned that their next shows are on Saturday the 8th, with a noon show for kids at BloomBars and an 11pm show at The Pinch. Sounds like the noon show could be a fun one for parents and their kids.

And if you're a Band in the Neighborhood and would like to be part of this series, email me.

How did you all come up with the band name?
We are actually two bands, a grown-up band named Kid Goat and the kid’s version of the band named
Kids’ Goat. Kid Goat is a nickname Matt had for an afternoon in the ’80s. Kids’ Goat is Kid Goat, but for

How did the band form?
Matt and Belen started playing Matt’s songs acoustic together in 2004. Matt met Dan at his deej
concert series and Brett was friends with our first bass player, John Woolf, who was the best craigslist
connection ever made and remains member emeritus despite his unknown whereabouts.

How many members live in Columbia Heights? Whereabouts? (roughly)
One, on Meridian Place, three blocks North of the Giant, but everybody else lives in nearby

I see you practice in CH, have you played any gigs in the neighborhood?
Kid Goat has played at Wonderland, Acre 121, the Blue Banana and the Columbia Heights Marketplace.
Kids’ Goat has played at The Getaway.

Working on any records?
We have been essentially recording singles these days and putting them up on the internet, usually for

(“A Little Bit Of Hope” is available for free download at musicstream.com by clicking here, or a zip file can be found here if you don’t want to sign up for another website.

Please buy our CD, These People Aren't You, on iTunes or CDBaby (www.cdbaby.com/cd/kidgoat).  Better yet, come to a show and buy one from us personally.)

What's your next show?
December 8 – Kids’ Goat at Bloombars at noon and Kid Goat at the Pinch at 11:00 p.m.

Gone on any tours? Any crazy or terrible tour stories?
No tours, just long drives to shows. One of those drives home was pretty cold after Belen locked the
keys in the car and we had to break the window with John Woolf’s bass. It produced some of the
coolest photos of kid goat ever though, going after that car with a Fender bass.

What’s your take on the music scene in Columbia Heights and in DC?
There are a lot of great bands. For a while, there seemed to be a shortage of good clubs, but
now, because of areas like Columbia Heights and venues like The Dunes, The Getaway, The Pinch,
Wonderland, Acre 121 and Bloombars, there seems to be a rebirth. It is great to be able to play and see
other great bands within walking distance of home.

And if you had to rename your band for something Columbia Heights-related, what would it be?
“El Chucho”

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  1. Just a supplement that I forgot to include in the questionnaire, on our influences:

    Matt’s songwriting influences start with Bruce Springsteen, but the influences that come through most in the songs are John Hiatt, Steve Earle and Neil Young. The bands’ sounds are very much influenced by great No Depression bands like Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Son Volt, The Jayhawks and the Old 97s. We blush when we get compared to The Band, but we consider them influences and will sure as heck take it. Kids’ Goat is a little more rootsy than the grown-up band with nods to Dan Zanes, John Prine, and a little Johnny Cash.


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