Friday, November 30, 2012

Condos coming to alley behind 1018 Irving Street?

A reader sent this in, a company called Seven Five Three Development is planning to build condos behind 1018 Irving Street NW -- that's the block bounded by 11th, Irving, Sherman and Columbia. They're going to add additional stories to the building.

They're having a neighborhood meeting on Saturday at 11:30 am at Bloombars. I'll try to make it, but I encourage others to go.

The person who sent the flyer to me seemed worried about it. Personally I don't think alley dwellings is a bad thing, as long as there is adequate access (mainly cars, if people park) and there is enough light and such to make sure that crime wouldn't be a problem. DC used to have alley dwellings in many blocks, until they were removed starting in the 1900s due to crime and overcrowding. Often the poorer folks would live inside the blocks while the wealthier folks would live on the outer parts of the block.

And then again, I don't have any alley neighbors. What do you think?
1018 Irving Alley Dwellings

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  1. More details are at this link


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