Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Columbia Heights Metro by the numbers, and a video of all WMATA trips

Lately a lot of data-crunching has come out about Metro ridership -- WMATA makes its data available, meaning people (and nerds) can crunch and explore it, and recently they just did a big data dump from May, 2012 on their PlanItMetro blog -- and here are some results!

The first, and most visually interesting, is this map showing each trip on Metrobus and Metrorail over the course of a day. As time goes on, you can see the city start to fill up, and 16th, 14th, Sherman and Georgia are pretty evident. Pretty fun to watch and gape at a bit. (h/t to DCist for noticing it.)

Now to the more hardcore data-y: the blog Greater Greater Washington did an analysis of which Metro stations are most popular during AM and PM rush hours, and which are popular late night and mid-day. I was a bit surprised Columbia Heights isn't on there for PM rush hour, as it's pretty crowded, but I guess compared to somewhere like Farragut North it's no contest. What's interesting though is that Columbia Heights is the 3rd most busy exit point for the evenings after Dupont and Gallery Place -- evening being the time after PM rush hour to midnight. That's probably due to folks coming to shop after work or going to our various bars and restaurants. Nice to see that.

The City Paper also did some analysis, but on the single-trip basis, mostly. Columbia Heights doesn't appear on the most or least popular trips for the most part, but it turns out that Gallery Place-Columbia Heights is the single most popular late night trip. Woo!

Pretty fun stuff. Anything interesting you notice? Or have you done any analysis on your own of it? If I get a chance, I'll check it out soon!

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