Friday, November 2, 2012

ANC commish Lenwood Johnson used government-paid phone for adult chat, political campaign

In case you needed another reason not to vote for ANC 1A10 commissioner Lenwood Johnson (aside from his bad behavior, bragging about having a gun, almost being censured, and more) here's the most damning: the Washington Post found that he used his official, government-paid cell phone to call adult chat lines, for a partisan political campaign he worked for (Johnson was treasurer for Pete Ross's shadow senator campaign), and thousands of minutes of other personal calls. The Post reports he called the adult chat lines, D.C. Alibi and D.C. Raven, more than 240 times for a total of 158 hours. The DC Raven chat line's Twitter page (not safe for work!) has a picture of a woman in lingerie on it.

While the report says the calls didn't add much to the bills, the fact that he used the government-paid phone so much for things that clearly aren't helping his constituents or related to his job is ridiculous. And if he used the government-paid phone for political purposes, that would be against DC law.

For his part, Johnson said he didn't know he couldn't use it for personal calls, and that the adult chat lines weren't for sex, he mostly called them when he drove back from Baltimore, where he co-owns a nightclub.

Johnson is running for election this year in ANC 1A10 against Anthony Cimino. Cimino responded to my Better Know Your ANC Candidates questionnaire earlier, which you can see here. Obviously I think you should vote for Cimino.

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  1. Thankfully, the Columbia Heights/Park View neighborhood has a real alternative to a 10th term with Commissioner Lenwood Johnson. Please vote for Anthony Cimino for ANC 1A10. If you agree that it's time for a change, please "Like" Anthony Cimino's campaign on Facebook:

    Cecilia Jones
    Campaign Manager
    Anthony Cimino for ANC 1A10 2012


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