Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Coupe, new spot at 11th & Monroe from Tryst, Diner folks, now open 24 hours

Photo from Yelp
Wow! For awhile we've been waiting to hear more about The Coupe, the big new 24-hour place from the folks behind Tryst, the Diner, and Open City which is coming to 3415 11th Street NW, at Monroe.

And now the news is coming rapidly: the had their soft opening last week, Eater DC is reporting they've started their 24 hour service and the Washingtonian had an interview with owner Constantine Stavropolous. Eater also has a bunch of shots of the interior, as does the Huffington Post's DC page. It looks great and I'm pumped.

Here's some key parts from the Washingtonian interview:
How is the Coupe different from your other places?
It’s a very long space. Tryst, for example, or even the Diner storefront is about 30 feet. Here we have 150 feet of linear storefront—almost the entire block. It’s not as deep as the other places; that’s why we made the entrance in the center. You walk in, and to your left you have sort of the diner area with a U-shaped counter where you can sit and talk and have server come in and serve you from both sides. Then to your right you have the Tryst[-like] lounge area where you can relax and hang out. We’ll also have a communal table at the far side of the diner. To the left you have the bar area. And even though you have these three areas with their own identity, you still feel a connection. I wanted to do that with Open City—we call it a coffeehouse, diner, and bar, and it is; however, the space is not large enough for us to do a true mixture of the concepts. Here we’re able to actually achieve it because of the space and the layout.
Do you see the Coupe fitting into Columbia Heights the way the Diner fits into Adams Morgan? 
I see the Diner in Adams Morgan as almost like a diner you’d find in Times Square: There’s a lot of people, there’s a lot of other restaurants, there’s heavy activity going on. The 24-hour concept at the Coupe is more like the kind of diner you’d find in a little Brooklyn neighborhood. It’s sort of like this beacon in the middle of the darkness—a cool lit-up corner where people can come in the middle of the night or any time they want.
They're also going to have pour-over coffee and bottled craft cocktails -- that is, pre-making them and pouring them so it's quick.

The Yelp reviews are mixed so far, but considering they just had their soft opening, we'll give take them with a grain of salt. Reviewers seemed to miss that point and complained service hiccups during the soft opening -- that's what a soft opening is for.


  1. Never really liked The Diner, hope this place turns out better.

  2. It's the usual high prices and indifferent service you've come to adore from Tryst.

    Had to steal silverware from another table as my server was nowhere to be seen, food was plated on cold plates (come on, seriously?), only half of my order came out, and it took 25 mins to get the check. The place was empty. But at least there are plenty of kids with beards and girls with chunky glasses who work there... hang on, that's not really consolation is it?

    Was I comped or even offered apologies for the missing stuff? Yeah, right.


  3. I went during their soft opening, and like you said, there were plenty of hickups, but that's what soft openings are for. The food quality, which in my opinion is the most important part, was good though and the menu was unique compared to the surrounding restaurants. I hope it does well and stays for years to come!


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