Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Proposal for bus-only lanes on lower Georgia Avenue -- meeting next week

This is interesting -- the city has proposed two similar options for bus only lanes on Georgia Avenue. Here's more info, and there's a meeting next week to talk about it. I'm not really sure why this is necessary, as buses on Georgia seem a lot faster than those on 14th. But then again, I'm not a transportation planner. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to go to the meeting!

DDOT is proposing exclusive bus lanes on Georgia Avenue between Barry Place and Florida Avenue and wants community engagement in this process. 

They are presenting two options.  The first is for exclusive shared bus and bike lanes north and southbound, with a left turn lane northbound at Barry and a left turn lane southbound at Bryant.  The second proposal includes the first, but makes Barry one way westbound and provides flashing yellow lights 24 hour northbound on Georgia at Barry and southbound at Georgia at Bryant.

The proposals can be downloaded at :

The following meetings will be held with DDOT to discuss these options:

Wednesday October 24th at 7pm (GA Ave Community Development Task Force Meeting) at ECAC - 733 Euclid St. NW (accessible entrance in the rear - call (202) 462-2285 if assistance is needed)

For questions on this proposal contact:
Wendy Peckham
Phone: 202-671-4581

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