Friday, October 19, 2012

Help get out the vote in Virginia for Obama this weekend, and phonebanking all week

There's a lot going on this weekend and in the coming days with the DC for Obama campaign. As you may know, Virginia is a key swing state, and Obama won Virginia in 2008 by a narrow margin -- it worked out to a difference of 94 people per precinct, which is maybe one block of houses! And this year it may be even closer, so every vote counts.

The DC for Obama folks are doing a lot of organizing to get DC Obama supporters to Virginia to help go door to door and encourage people to vote, and this weekend is the kickoff!

If you'd like to go to Virginia, you can meet up at 9am or 1pm on Saturday or 11am or 1 pm on Sunday at 915 Spring Rd NW (for half day trips) or 1782 Columbia Rd NW (for whole day trips), and then they'll take you to Virginia (or if you can bring a car to the meetup locations, even better!)

Going door to door is actually pretty easy and a lot of fun, I did it a bunch in Virginia in 2008 for Obama and all you are doing is encouraging people to vote and giving them information on when and where to vote, which the campaign provides. It's the most effective outreach to get people to actually vote, and it's also a great feeling to see that what you're doing has made an impact, like when the Commonwealth went for the President!

There's also a lot of phone banking going on everyday at the new Adams Morgan Obama office, 1782 Columbia Rd NW, and lots of other offices in the area too! I got this flyer from the Ward 4 folks because I couldn't find a Ward 1 one, but there's lots of options. They also need data entry volunteers!

You can also check out the links below or email them for more information, they're super responsive and helpful.

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