Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big mixed use projects coming next to 9:30 Club, with arthouse cinema!?

This is interesting: Curbed reports that the 9:30 Club is getting two neighbors, a 310-unit apartment building and a 65-unit one. The 310 one will be replacing the Atlantic Plumbing building at 8th and V (the orange cross-hatched building above) while the other is replacing the building across V Street from it (that's the one in the foreground.)

The project sounds pretty wild: the developers, The JBG Companies, are thinking about including a 6-screen arthouse movie theater in the larger building, which sounds pretty fantastic, and also subsidized art studios and "little farm plots." There's also going to be rooftop pools and rooftop hangout spots.

The Curbed piece might be a little optimistic though, my buddy gave the developers a call and they said they were working on the theater idea but it's not confirmed. Fingers crossed though, I would definitely go to the movies there. In fact, that was one of the What We're Missing posts. I hope it's like Visions used to be, or E Street.

I worry a little that it's too optimistic, and some folks pointed out that residents might not appreciate the noise from 9:30 Club, but hopefully that won't be an issue.


  1. I guess that will be the last nail in the coffin for parking near the 9:30 (and will keep a lot of us from coming in from the 'burbs to see shows there).

  2. Chris, when I'm finished watching a movie in brand new theater, I'll be sure to take some time mourn your parking spot

    (Just take the metro, geez)


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