Monday, September 17, 2012

Who's running for the ANC? Get to know the candidates in our new series of posts

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As you hopefully already know, this November is elections for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission. The Advisory Neighborhood Commission is a non-partisan position with multiple members, each representing a few blocks -- those areas are called Single Member Districts (SMDs).

The ANC's job is to advise the City Council on local issues, and also to issue grants and work on local community projects, is up for election this cycle. They also have the power to effectively allow or deny liquor licenses, which is a big deal.

Once the DC Board of Elections and Ethics posted their official roster of who's running, I sent out emails to all the candidates with a few questions. I'll be posting the responses by ANC Single Member District starting tomorrow, plus a little map of the borders of each one so you know who your candidates are. 

And if you haven't already registered, aren't sure you are registered, or need to update your address or information, go here!!! (If you are changing your address or info you have to mail the form back in.)

If you'd like to read more about the ANC, here's all the posts I've written about ANC issues.

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