Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vandals strike cars on Monroe & 13th Street, spray-painting a bunch of them

This really stinks. A reader sent in a few photos of a vandal who spray-painted a row of cars on Monroe Street between 11th and 13th and then up the east side of 13th on last Tuesday.

This kind of thing really pisses me off, it's so pointless, and now all these folks have to go through the trouble of getting their insurance to pay for it and get it cleaned off or repainted.

This area seems to be a hotbed of vandalism too, there have been a number of car fires near 13th and Otis, plus at 11th and Park.

The reader said he reported the incident to the police, which is something you should ALWAYS do, even if you don't think the police will come or will catch the person. If they have a report on it, it can at least add to their statistics and allow them to see patterns and do other kinds of analysis.

Hope this sort of thing doesn't happen again.


  1. we had this happen several years ago. i made the mistake of filing an insurance claim, thinking the repair would be costly...most body shops have a spray on cleaner that helps paint come off with a little elbow grease...the shop didnt even charge me.

  2. Good to know! Still stinks though.

  3. That's nothing. You should see what happened to my car on 11th that night. The entire car, including lights, windshield and rear-view mirros, was covered in orange paint.

  4. Really? Can you email me, newcolumbiaheights(at)gmail(dot)com Would love to know more. It seems like a theme.

  5. Andrew,
    I emailed it. The photo shows the side and back of my car. It doesn't show the front or top of my car, though. I'm hoping increased awareness will help us put a stop to the recent vandalism. Mirrors have been broken off several cars in the neighborhood recently, as well.


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