Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Radius Pizza in MtP is closed: but get a deal from Past Tense Yoga!

If you've been on Mt. Pleasant Street lately, you may have noticed that Radius, the pizza spot next to Tonic, has closed. Too bad, I always liked that place (though I guess I didn't go very often.) They closed abruptly in July with a sign saying they were on vacation -- however, that turned out to be a permanent vacation.

The Post has the story, which it attributes to a lack of customers. Apparently their entire staff turned over recently as well, maybe seeing the writing on the wall.

However, there is something good to come out of the closing: Mt. Pleasant yoga studio Past Tense Yoga Quiet Mind Yoga is holding a deal:
We've been missing our friends at Radius and wondering what to do with our fridge full of magnets. Instead of pizza, how about a little down dog? Now, folks can bring in their Radius magnets and get 10% off a class pass.
Sounds solid! I certainly have a couple of those magnets. And yoga is definitely healthier than pizza.

UPDATE: A reader points out that the City Paper says they will be reopening under new ownership sometime in the future. Shame on me for listening to the Post, I guess!


  1. My info may be out of date, but the city paper reported that Radius is just under new ownership and has plans to re-open this month.

    Also, first.

  2. Lack of customers/ Yeah Right!! that place always had tons of people, and we always ordered from them. Something fishy I think.

  3. I hope that they bring back "build your own pasta".

  4. Who is offering the deal? Past Tense in MtP (headline) or Quiet Mind on 14th St (body)?


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