Monday, September 24, 2012

New coffee shop, Harrar Coffee & Roastery opening in October at 2904 Georgia

This is good news. A buddy walked by Harrar Coffee & Roastery, a new coffee shop coming to 2904 Georgia Ave NW, last week and chatted with the owner. He said they'd be open next month, as in October. Their sign is up too.

I was just thinking the other day how there really aren't any coffee shops to the east, aside from Qualia at 3917 Georgia, which is up a bit. There is Sankofa at Georgia and Fairmont, but they don't seem to have very consistent opening hours -- a lot of times when I walk by it, it's closed, even during mornings.

I don't know many details about Harrar, but considering the name, which is an Ethiopian coffee-growing region, I bet there will be some Ethiopian flair to it. My buddy reports they were planning to have some pastries and things. The place isn't too large, but hey, sometimes you just need a spot with a seat and a cup.

Park View DC and PoP wrote about Harrar a bit previously.


  1. What about Columbia Heights Coffee?

  2. It's a few blocks farther west. I'm thinking the whole Park View/Pleasant Plains area.


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