Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Better Know Your ANC Candidates: ANC1A08

The fourth in our Better Know Your ANC Candidates series is fightin' ANC 1A08, which you can see at right. 

The idea with these posts is that you can learn about who is running for the ANC in your area and if you'd like, be able to learn more about them via their websites or emails. The ANC advises the city council on local issues and also can issue grants, hold events, and approve or deny liquor licenses.

There's a map of all the ANCs here.

ANC 1A08 is currently represented by Kent Boese, who is running unopposed. Kent also runs the Park View DC blog, wrote a book about Park View, and is a very involved and passionate commish. I urge you to vote for him! 
1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m originally from a small town in northern Illinois. I moved to the Washington Metropolitan area in 1994, and to the Park View neighborhood in the spring of 2007. I’ve served on the board of the Park View United Neighborhood Coalition and was president of the organization prior to being elected to the ANC in 2010. In addition to serving the community, I am a practicing law librarian and have an advanced degree in design history.

2. Why are you running for ANC?
I believe my involvement in the neighborhood helps makes it a better place. Upon moving into the community and getting to know my neighbors, I developed a deep appreciation for the neighborhood. As a result, I’m committed to doing anything I can – and serving in any capacity the community deems appropriate – to ensure that the community is informed, represented, and involved in the decisions that will directly impact Georgia Avenue and Park View.

3. What are the biggest issues confronting your district?
The biggest issues confronting my Single Member District (in my opinion) are development on Georgia Avenue, supporting current small businesses and attracting new businesses, housing (and its affordability), and general quality of life issues – i.e., good schools, parking, crime, trash, rats, etc.

4. What do you think the ANC can do better?
We can always do a better job of communicating with and to those we represent. I think the Commission has done a better job of this in the current term, but it can always improve. Communication was one of the issues that initially encouraged me to run, and why I have served as Secretary for the past two years. It is critical to distribute information in as timely a manner as possible. There is also a certain level of professionalism I’d like to see the Commission achieve.

5. What do you think the area needs more of?
Speaking with regards to my corner of Ward 1, there needs to be more attention to Georgia Avenue. The Great Streets project south of Otis Place, NW, needs to get back on the city’s radar. We also need more policies in place that support our small businesses – and more diversity in the goods and services available along Georgia Avenue. I would particularly like to see more professional services located on our commercial corridors during the day so that they are lively other than evenings and weekends. Lastly, I think we need more public art and a better understanding and appreciation of the community’s history and culture.

6. One of the ANC's jobs is to regulate liquor licenses. What are your thoughts on these issues?
Liquor licenses are complicated. I am neither for nor against them. Overall, I do not support additional liquor stores and would prefer to see more restaurants in some areas of the community. Liquor licenses don’t necessarily cause problems, but a poorly managed business with a liquor license can negatively impact the surrounding neighborhood. That is why it is important to consider the type of license being applied for, the location of the license, the density or saturation of alcohol in an area, the types of problems that could arise from the license or location, and any other factors that the license could impact before supporting or opposing the license. It is also why the ANC would consider a voluntary agreement, which when entered into appropriately, can set a level of expectations that safeguards the business as well as the residents.

Kent's blog is http://parkviewdc.wordpress.com/ and twitter account is @ParkViewDC. His email is kent.boese@anc.dc.gov 

Photo from People's District

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