Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apartments coming to 14th and Spring

The other day I got a flyer in my mailbox about a development coming to the area around 14th and Spring, specifically 1400 Spring Road NW and 3616 14th Street NW. Currently 1400 Spring (pictured) was last a church and 3616 14th is a 3 for $10 store. I asked for more details from the person on the flyer, Ryan Samuel of 1st Principle, and here's his response:
Our plan is to keep the 3 for $10 located on the ground floor of 3616 14th st and build rental apartments above it and in 1400 Spring Rd... We’re excited about the project.
Sounds good to me. The 1400 Spring space is kind of an odd one, and it's always good to see more apartments in the area. I've reached out for more info and will update if I receive it.


  1. Pretty nice. I'm curious, though: are the backyards of these two properties connected? Or is this one large, L-shaped building?

  2. I'm not sure, but I believe these are two separate projects.

  3. Here's hoping that sidewalk space gets dedicated to anything but parking when the project is finished.


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