Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ANC candidates signing up! See who is running so far

Looks like a lot of folks have answered the call to enter the campaign for Advisory Neighborhood Commission. According to the Board of Election's site, 8 of the 24 races in ANC1A and 1B, the ANCs in our area, have multiple candidates. Some even have up to 4 people running! The list is not final, though.

For the most part, the incumbents are running again, though former 1A03 commish Sheldon Scott isn't, nor are 4 in 1B: 1B01's Myla Moss, who was also the chair, 1B02's Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling, 1B04's Deborah Thomas, and 1B05's Mary M. Streett. There is also one new seat in each ANC. Here are updates maps for the ANCs in Ward 1.

Plus you may notice that 1A05 and 1B05 don't have anyone running (yet, at least) so if you live in those districts, get involved!! More info here.

For the most part I don't recognize the names of those running, though Marc Morgan, former Republican candidate for Ward 1 council, is running for 1B01. He has a website too.

In addition, a few folks are putting their names out there. I spoke with Anthony Cimino a few weekends ago, who is running for 1A10, Lenwood Johnson's seat (Johnson is also running.) If you recall, I posted about how I hope someone runs against Johnson. I'll have more on Cimino, who seems like a good guy and a good candidate, to come. 

Candidates in 1A02 and 1A03, Alexander Gallo and Steve Swank, have also sent out information for a fundraiser happening today at Eden Lounge. They're also raising money for Michael Hall, a yoga instructor who was beaten a couple weeks ago in an apparent hate attack. Gallo is running against incumbent Lisa Kralovic Vickey Wright-Smith and Swank is (so far) unopposed. Gallo said anyone is welcome to come and meet them.

There's still a week to turn in your petitions -- August 8 is the deadline. I wrote more about the rules and such in the previous post.


  1. When and how does voting go down?

  2. Anyone know what SMD you are in if the line runs down your street?

  3. The election is Nov. 6.

    And it's whatever side your house is on. So if you're on Sherman and the line is in the middle, west side is one district, east side is the other.

  4. Gallo's running against Vickey A. Wright-Smith. They both live on my would be my ANC's. Also, Vickey A. Wright-Smith is throwing a block party at the Getaway on August 4th abt her campaign from the flyers I've gotten. However, I haven't heard great things about her from residents on the block.

  5. You're right, thanks. Will fix.

  6. I’ve been a resident of 1A05 for over a year, and absolutely love the community here. I would love to be able to give back to this neighborhood, and in the absence of anyone else running, I’m going to pick up petitions tomorrow morning to run myself to make sure that this district has enthusiastic representation next year. If anyone would like to discuss this race further, please email me at

    - Ben Theodore


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