Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DC Bocce in Columbia Heights: play at Tubman, drink at Wonderland

Bocce time! The DC Bocce League has opened registration for their Columbia Heights league. The matches are Tuesday at the Harriet Tubman School field (between 13th and 11th, Irving and Kenyon) and the sponsoring bars are Wonderland and Lou's City Bar.

the end of our bocce season: 365: Day 1I've played bocce in DC Bocce leagues for years, and they're always a good time. It's a fun game and people are laid back and fun -- a big difference from other adult sports, where you always seem to get overly competitive jerks.

Although I think DC Bocce should really push for the sport to be in the Olympics. I mean, if curling is, why not bocce, which is surely played by more people in more countries (just see boules, petanque, and other similar games.)

(And full disclosure, DC Bocce is a sponsor of this site, but I'd write about it anyway because bocce rules.)

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