Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comedy show at Wonderland on Friday

If you enjoying laughing, check out below:
Wowzers! Don't Block the Box is back and is gonna be an absolutely amazing show! Going strong after our two year bonanza, we're starting our new year with an amazing pool of talent. Plus, cheap drinks. Plus, a dance night afterwards. Plus, good times all the time. It's gonna be an amazing Friday night.

Your headliner:
Tyler Richardson! (DC Improv, State Theater, NBC's Stand Up for Diversity)

Michael Smith! (Opener for Will Durst and John Mulaney, Don't Block the Box 4)

Lauren Kris! (DC Improv, Arlington Drafthouse)

Jamel Johnson! (State Theater, The Gala Hispanic Theater)

Hosted by:
Reggie Melbrough! (Our resident host and co-producer! Arlington Drafthouse. BloomBars headliner. Story League.)


Show @ 7:30
21 and over
Where: The second floor of Wonderland Ballroom
Price: $3, cash only (coins acceptable!)
Closest Metro station: Only a few blocks from Columbia Heights Station
Parking: Everywhere!
Fun: times a trillion
Bar: Oh man... we've got TWO bars.

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