Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RedRocks opening their third location, this time in Arlington

Columbia Heights is taking over! RedRocks, the pizza joint on 11th (and part of the "Hip Strip") is opening its second location in Virginia, this one on Columbia Pike in Arlington. This will be the third RedRocks location, with the original opening in 2007 plus an Old Town Alexandria outpost that opened in 2010.

This continues a theme that I've noticed: places starting in Columbia Heights and then expanding. For example, Pete's Apizza opened on Irving Street in 2008 and since expanded to Clarendon and Friendship Heights, Tynan Coffee and Tea opened new locations in Friendship Heights and "NoMa", while Pho 14 is opening a second location in Adams Morgan. (I guess nobody in Maryland likes Columbia Heights stuff.)

Kind of cool to see the neighborhood as an incubator of good ideas. And in the case of Pete's and RedRocks, I haven't noticed any change since the new places opened.


  1. i had tried the Old Town location of Red Rocks before the CH location. Have to admit, the Old Town location is much better in quality of food (and mimosas for that matter)

  2. Worth noting that Pete's is expanding to Capitol Hill as well.

    (And Maryland is expanding into Columbia Heights, you could say, with the place owned by the folks from Quarry House opening up.)


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