Friday, June 22, 2012

Kangaroo Boxing Club is open: a very brief intro

The new barbeque spot on 11th Street NW, Kangaroo Boxing Club, opened really quickly -- it was only announced in late February or early March, and as of June 19th, it was open. That's an amazingly fast turnaround, and good for the owners, the folks who run the PORC food truck, a barbeque truck whose acronym stands for Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine.

So, how is it? I don't know. I tried to go on Tuesday, and it was extremely packed and hot, so we didn't stick around. It's gotten 4 reviews on Yelp so far, which are very laudatory, so that's a good sign. They don't seem to have a website yet, but I checked out their menu. In short, it's similar to their truck, with a fair amount of veggie options. Appetizers range from hummus and pita to a meat board or sausage, with four kinds of barbeque as entrees, plus other fare like a burger with (or without) pulled pork, bacon and ham and healthier stuff like a farm salad and a hummus and veggie sandwich.

Inside the place looked pretty nice, with a big wood bar and very dark, moody lighting. It wasn't huge, but that might have been accentuated by the big crowd inside and trying to get in.

Plus Urban Daddy reports they have a lot of infused liquors and also serve Olde English malt liquor, which is pretty funny. I feel that would go with barbeque pretty well. And apparently they're going to have brunch too, according to their Facebook page. (Plug, if you know them or are them, please email me. I want to write about you.)

Hopefully it'll be less crowded soon. Have you been? How was it?

Kangaroo Boxing Club is located at 3410 11th Street NW


  1. I live across the street from KBC and these guys are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Their food is amazing (the pulled pork and Blueberry Habenero especially) and Peyton makes a drink called Grandpa's Revenge which is outstanding. I highly recommend going.

  2. Great free juke box and super friendly bar tender. No beer on tap though.

  3. Very good pulled pork. Taste it first, without the sauce, and you'll see. Ask for the vinegar (they've got it in back) instead of the tomato based sauces provided and you have pretty good east Carolina stuff. Friendly staff and good service. Hope they can keep it up.

  4. Tried it out last night. Very much enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich, LOVED the mac and cheese, and loved that it comes with the pulled pork sandwich along with some spicy slaw all for $11.

    Space is small, though, and looks to be pretty crowded at dinner time -expect a wait, and not likely inside or at the bar, which are both pretty crowded

    Service was friendly, but also seemed inexperienced; I was told by a harried host that there was about a 30 minute wait, though ended up sitting right at the bar -- only after I suggested clearing a perfectly good space with a stool where the wait stuff had apparently been doing some organizing of menus and such -- I would have appreciated not having to conduct that analysis for them, though.

    OVERALL: thumbs up and very welcome addition to the hood.


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