Monday, June 4, 2012

Empty lots getting filled in at Euclid and Sherman

If you have ever walked down Euclid, you've probably noticed that there are some empty lots around Sherman Avenue. The SE and NE corner of Sherman and Euclid used to be an illegal used car lot and an abandoned corner store, respectively. The corner store was Chuck's Market, which was the 2nd worst of the corner stores I reviewed for the Beer Run series (Carolina's Market is the worst, by far. I think it's a front.)

But anyway, Chuck's has been demolished and is being replaced by what looks like a small retail and condo building. The property, 2601 Sherman, was purchased by Amanda Clarke, an architect who has received some good press for rehabbing old buildings, so that augurs well.

There's a small house going up where the used car lot used to be (see right.) The address is 928 Euclid and the plans were filed two years ago, but construction just started recently. There's going to be an English basement apartment and a 3 floor unit above it.

Both projects are fairly far along, though there are stop work notices from the city on each one. Unfortunately the fences around the buildings meant I couldn't get close enough to see what the permits are for and why they had stop work orders. 

Then farther up Euclid at 9th Street, next to those two strange, small adobe-ish houses, there's another condo-type building going up, though it's a lot larger than the surrounding places. The lot, 904 Euclid, has been empty for some time and was sold late last year for $66,500. It's owned by 904 Euclid Street NW Inc., about whom I can't find much, aside from the fact that their tax address is in Bethesda.

In any case, it's nice to see three empty and abandoned lots getting replaced by nice, new places. What do you think?

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  1. starting to see individual lots on the farther-out parts of captiol hill getting filled up too. good to see that the market is strong enough to take advantage of every single space available for housing.


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