Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BloomBars haiku contest: get your haiku on their wall!

BloomBars art space rules
11th and Kenyon Street
Make sure to go there.

That was a (bad) haiku. BloomBars, the awesome art space on 11th between Kenyon and Lamont, is working on updating their space. As such, they have a contest for people to submit haikus. Winning ones will be painted on their walls, which is pretty awesome. Here's how you sign up:

Dear Bloom Family,
Allow me to begin with an on-the-spot haiku:
You are part of the/ community that grows and/ the space that holds us.
We’re giving everyone who is interested an opportunity to have your words and sentiments become part of the physical home we create together.
This summer, we’ll be decorating the downstairs gallery wall with 10 haiku that reflect the theme “We Bloom” and capture some of the spirit and community of BloomBars. As you may know, haiku are three-line poems that follow a syllable count of 5-7-5.
To participate in the Bloomku haiku-a-thon, please post your haiku on Twitter [] and be sure to include both @BloomBars and #Bloomku for your haiku to be entered! Submissions will only be accepted via Twitter, with a deadline 11:59pm on June 7th. Individuals may submit up to 5 entries, which will then be narrowed down for public voting to select the 10 bloomiest of the bunch!
As we always say, “You Bloom… We Bloom.” If you’ve never tried your hand or heart at haiku before, we hope you’ll think of this as a chance to plant a seed!
Keep blooming,
Gowri Koneswaran
Poetry Coordinator

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