Thursday, May 24, 2012

Z-Burger sidewalk cafe hearing today; is this the end?

Is our long neighborhood nightmare over? The debate over Z-Burger's sidewalk plan, which has delayed opening for some time, may be ending soon. The issue is that Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian wants a fence around sidewalk seating and some neighborhood folks want a non-permanent fence, The issue goes to the city's Public Space Committee today. (There's more of the backstory here -- the fight was part of the delay, but also because Tabibian was more focused on opening another location.)

Here's more details, plus the plans themselves and the ANC's resolution, which basically says that they support the sidewalk cafe with a non-permanent fence (see them all at bottom of this post.) The Public Space Committee can reject, accept or modify the ANC's resolution as they see fit. Then it's binding and hopefully we are done!

I'm certainly looking forward to it. The space and plans looked amazing when I checked it out a few months ago.
Z Burger's application for a sidewalk cafe at 14th St & Park Rd NW will be heard by the District's Public Space Committee tomorrow, Th. May 24.  The Committee will consider the resolution passed 5:3 by ANC 1A at its Wed. May 9 meeting.  It is attached in three documents. 
The hearing takes place just steps from the Waterfront Metro at:
1100 4th St SW, 2nd floor hearing room, Washington DC 20024
It is expected that this application will take the most time on Thursday and is therefore the final one on the agenda.  It will not be heard before 12 noon but it may be heard later than that depending on how long the discussions on prior applications take.
 If you want to submit comments in writing in advance you may do so via email.  Please send the comments to  Have the subject line be: Z Burger Written Comments. 
If there is substantial interest in providing comments at the hearing the committee may limit the time for comments by individuals in order to ensure that all parties have a chance to be heard.  If you are interested in commenting at the hearing you can also use email to notify the PSC using the email address above.  The subject line should be: Z Burger Hearing Request.
Thank you again for your participation in this process and I hope to see you tomorrow.  If you plan to speak or submit comments, please cc: me at
Z Burger Resolution May 2012 Z Burger Sidewalk Cafe 050912 Z Burger Sidewalk Furnishings 050912

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