Thursday, May 17, 2012

New car sharing service in the city, car2go

If you're like me and don't own a car, here's another option for driving around: it's a new service called car2go. It's like Zipcar in that you rent a car for however many hours you want, but unlike Zipcar, you can drop off the car anywhere within their "Home Area," which consists of most of DC, except for parks, including in residential parking areas. Of course, that also means there aren't set pickup locations.

Rates aren't too bad either, there's a $35 registration fee, then it's $0.38 per minute up to a max of $13.99 per hour or $72.99 per day. It's unlimited mileage until you hit 150, after which it's $0.45 a mile. Gas is included.

They had 200 cars, all of which are those Smartcars, in March and look to have about 300 in the Fall. I guess that means an Ikea trip would probably not work. The company is part of Daimler according to Greater Greater Washington. Here's their Facebook page.


  1. At a risk of making it MORE popular, I LOVE this new option. It's great for a one way trip in the city to visit friends. If you can find parking quickly it generally is cheaper than a cab even!

  2. I have used it multiple times and love it. I hope that eventually once it gets a little more steam, the "Home" zone will expand to Northern Virginia, or at least Arlington/Alexandria. It's great to not have to pay for the car to be parked in a parking lot or if you go to visit a friend for a few hours.

  3. Loving Car2Go. The mobile (app from a 3rd party) makes it very easy to find an available car and even reserve one in advance (up to 15 minutes prior). I find myself using it A LOT! Perfect for short trips and so convenient that I don't have to return the vehicle - just park it somewhere legal and move on. Cost wise, it's definitely cheaper than a cab. A friend in Austin told me about the service and I just knew DC would be a perfect market for it. I'm glad my patient waiting is now over!

  4. Yes, this point-to-point carsharing rocks. It's basically a marginally cheaper alternative to a cab. So if you know where you're going, don't mind driving, and hate putting up with annoying cabdrivers, this is a good deal.

    I hope it doesn't get so popular that I can't find a car!

    By the way, don't expect a sportscar. These things run on lawnmower engines. And you can't transport kids, so parents, this doesn't help you a lot.


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