Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Columbia Heights rapper: Taygo

The other day, a reader sent me a link to this video: it's called "Ski Mask Shawty" by Taygo, and it's filmed mainly in the neighborhood, with shots of what looks like 11th and 13th Street.

Looking around a bit, I can't find much about him, but he has another video called "My Life" that shows an 11th Street sign and a quick shot of the Tubman school field. Kind of neat to see a local rapper doing his thing (though I hope that's a fake gun he flashes.)

What do you think?

You may remember that last year, Wale shot a couple of videos partially in the neighborhood, including "Chillin'" at Cardozo High School with a Lady Gaga hologram and "Pat Your Weave" with UCB at Destiny Deve salon on 14th in the Tivoli building.

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