Monday, April 2, 2012

Yet another new spot on Georgia: Dulcinea Mexican/Mediterranean Restaurant

Dulcinea, new Mexican restaurantI hope you enjoyed yesterday's April Fool's jokes. And now back to real stuff: there's yet another new restaurant opening on Georgia Avenue, this one at Georgia and Euclid, right next to the really good Mama Chuy.

This place is called Dulcinea, after the character from Don Quixote, and is open now. I glanced in the window and it looks nice, very modern and clean.

Their under construction website (which plays music, so beware) says they serve "authentic Mexican and Mediterranean food" for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've been by a few times during the morning and they often have a sign out front advertising breakfast specials: breakfast burritos, Mexican omelets and the like. Everything I've seen advertised is Mexican rather than Mediterranean, however, and their sign only says Mexican.

They're open 7am-10pm Monday through Thursday, 7am-11pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am-8pm on Sunday.

They applied for a liquor license the other day too, so they will be serving alcohol.

Dulcinea is located at 2618 Georgia Avenue NW.

UPDATE: I walked past today and they had more traditional breakfast fare: garden omelet, French toast, BLT and the like.

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  1. I am thrilled to see more activity on Georgia here. But it seems strange to have two Mexican places right next door to each other. I saw one of the Dulcinea owners present at a local meeting, and I believe she said she was Turkish. I would LOVE to see a Turkish restaurant in the neighborhood. Either way, very excited about the new business.


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